We Help World-Class Products Reach The Global English Speaking Market

We build complete, end-to-end, Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels so that world-class products and services can reach the people they are intended to help.

You Know Your Product Or Service Is World Class But You Can't Figure Out How to Get It to Market?

Don't worry, let us handle your sales and marketing.

James Cook Media a full-service digital marketing agency that builds end-to-end digital marketing and sales funnels to help you reach your customers anywhere in the world. Weaving together deep customer research, expert strategic planning, imaginative storytelling, and relentless execution, James Cook Media takes you through every phase of building your digital marketing and sales funnel.

From initial customer research, to kicking-off and managing your first ads on your deep marketing funnel. You'll finish with a fully planned, and integrated, multi-media funnel that we then manage and optimize for you.


To sell your product, we must understand the story your customer is telling themselves, and rewrite the ending.

Here is how we do it.

phase 1

Market Research

Who is your ideal customer? What is the problem they have that you are solving? What are their thoughts, feeling, words, and actions? What exactly do they like? We go so deep into your customer's head, that we build a complete avatar. Give them a name, a facebook profile, LinkedIN profile, and write their life's story.

phase 2

write your brand story

Your customer is living a story. Your brand must enter that story, and rewrite the ending. The central part is to get your story told, authentically, by you and your customers. Give your future clients a story they can see as their own. We create everything related to your brand. The logo, brand color guide, and typeface. We even write a custom soundtrack for your company's brand to evoke the emotions of your brand. They will buy when you show them that your story is perfectly situated to help them rewrite their story.

phase 3

mapping out the entire customer journey

Once we create your brand story, it is time to design a plan to deliver it to your ideal customer, where they are, and draw them in. Your story must become part of their story. Using your ideal customer avatar, we create a comprehensive plan on where to engage them. First, how and where to target them with content and ads. Then we plan out the entire customer journey. Every ad. Every landing page. Every followup email.
Every video. Every conversion Goal.

phase 4

Building Your Funnel

Your customer's journey through your story is called a funnel. Armed with the detailed plan, down to every ad, page, video, and email, our team of UX specialists, UI designers, copywriters, developers, and video producers build your integrated campaign. We install analytics, heatmapping software, and setup your dashboard to measure the effectiveness of everything inside the dashboard.

phase 5

Traffic and Conversion

Once your campaign is built, we plan and implement your content marketing, paid traffic campaigns, and optimize every ad, page, email, and video in the funnel.


We took Freemit.com's homepage conversion rate from 8% to 30% with a complete rebuild of their site.


Using Paid Content Marketing, we increased Triathlon Research Visitors to 100,000 per month.

We are here to support (not replace) your in-house marketing manager.

However, if you need an in-house marketing manager, we can step in to play that role.

Here are the skills our team has to implement your marketing strategy:

Phase one
Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Ideal Client Avatar Creation
  • Complete Analytics Audit
  • Competitive Research
  • User Testing Research
  • Client Survey Design
Phase two
Creative Brand Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Business Card & Letterhead Design
  • Branding Package Creation
  • Brand Still Photography Storyboarding
  • Brand Still Photography Shooting
  • Complete Video Marketing Plan
  • Video Campaign Storyboards
  • Brand Music Development
  • Video Marketing Campaign Shoot
  • Video Campaign Production
  • Audio-Post Production
Phase three
Funnel Map Development
  • Email Plan Storyboarding
  • Email Marketing Plan Map
  • Ad Campaign Marketing Plan Map
  • Website Sitemap Creation
  • Marketing Funnel Map Creation
  • CRM & Sales Automation Design Plan
  • Sales Automation Design Plan
Phase four
Funnel Development
  • Website Page Copywriting
  • Website Page UX Design
  • Website Page UI Design
  • Landing Page Copywriting
  • Landing Page UX Design
  • Landing Page UI Design
  • Front End Development of Websites
  • Website CMS Development
  • Website Ecommerce Development
  • Marketing Automation Setup & API Integration
  • CRM Setup and API Integration
  • Complete Google Analytics Setup
  • Email Campaign Copywriting
Phase five
Traffic and Conversion
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Design
  • Facebook Ad Customer Research
  • Facebook Ad Copywriting
  • Facebook Ad Creatives
  • Facebook Video Ad Creative
  • LinkedIN Ad Campaign Design
  • LinkedIN Ad Customer Research
  • LinkedIN Ad Copywriting
  • LinkedIN Ad Creatives
  • LinkedIN Video Ad Creative
  • Google Ad Campaign Design
  • Google Ad Customer Research
  • Google Ad Copywriting
  • Google Ad Creatives
  • Google Video Ad Creative
  • Sales Team Recruiting
  • Sales Team Training
  • Sales Team Management
  • Website Page A/B Testing
  • Website Page Multi-variate rate testing
  • Email Campaign Split Testing
  • English Article Writing
  • English White Paper Production Writing
  • Ongoing Email Writing